Dance Videos


Hip Hop Hoo-ray
Back in the day (circa 2000), I was in a hip-hop group in San Francisco. Here we are performing to a packed house at ODC in the Mission on Halloween. Part I.

Going Solo
Finally (2005) after all those years scratching and clawing my way up the dance ladder, Ann Barrett (one of the great dance teachers on the planet) finally gives me a chance to go solo. Notice the hush fall over the audience as I start my routine. Is this aging white guy really going to perform alone? No way! Then shocked disbelief turns to outrageous applause as they realize that my retro Roger-Rabbit is for real. Word!

The Whale
Here's Part II of the hip hop performance at ODC. You can see me coming back on stage (who is that masked man?) from left to right for the finale. Funny thing is, I'm a teensy bit off at the end and fall to the floor about a half second AFTER the other dancers. Not only that, but I proceed to roll around the floor in exagerated death throes. I call it the Whale.