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Let's face it. These days, whether you want to go to Harvard or Chico State, you need top grades and high test scores to qualify for admission. It's tough. It's competitive. But that's where I come in, providing top-notch group tutoring in the following areas:

Physics, Chemistry and Calculus Classes

Unlike many private math and science tutors, I don't just cover homework: I actually teach the material. As a former college instructor, I lecture on chapter concepts, provide problem-solving techniques, prepare students for upcoming tests and respond to all questions with sincerity and clarity.

SAT and ACT Test Prep

As a professional writer and former academic, I use my award-winning book and grammar app to provide a foolproof system for acing the SAT essay and grammar sections. As a result, the Writing section of the new SAT, in particular, is a strong suit of my program. In addition, I draw on over 25 years experience as both an algebra/geometry/calculus tutor to help students master the Math section. For the Reading section of the test, I teach students to analyze and evaluate passages using critical reading skills.

My ACT classes follow the same rigorous format as my SAT classes with the emphasis shifted toward more concrete academic performance in Math, Reading and Writing. The Science section of the ACT, in particular, is a strong suite of my curriculum, where my background in math and science helps students analyze, interpret and correlate the test data presented in a multitude of tables, charts and graphs.

For my take on what you should look for in a top-notch SAT/ACT tutor, click "Tutor Traits"

YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel has a wide variety of class videos for SAT, grammar, chemistry, physics -- even poetry and dance! To view the complete, eclectic series, visit

Here are two of the videos, one from my new ACT essay workshop, another from a national TV appearance on SAT/ACT grammar.

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