Chemistry, Physics and Calculus Tutoring

For a shadow class to be effective, tutors must be familiar with both the books teachers use and the way teachers slice and dice the material. All my classes are consequently geared to a specific school and teacher. In this way, I stay in sync week-by-week with testing schedules and chapters covered in the classroom. For students, this results in higher test scores, increased understanding of the material and greatly reduced "science anxiety". 

In a nutshell, here's what I do in my chemistry, physics and calculus shadow classes:

    Present classroom material in simple, clear and easy-to-understand terms
    Teach concise step-by-step procedures for solving complex problems
    Provide a dynamic group-learning experience and environment
    Answer all questions with sincerity and clarity

Group DynamicTC Tutoring Ad

I prefer to work in small groups of 5 to 9 students. This not only keeps costs down for parents but also allows me to establish an interesting and educational team dynamic that makes learning fun, unintimidating and informative. Students often bounce ideas off each other — as well as me — and the interaction both lends itself to learning and encourages innovative thinking. My classes are anything but stodgy!

When and Where

Each class meets once a week for an hour and 15 minutes. Classes are held in my office in Moraga on weekdays and Sundays in the afternoons and evenings.

Extra Semester Review Sessions

During January and June, I provide extra classes at no extra charge to prepare students for final exams. Using prepared materials that cover all or part of the year, I give students a sweeping look backward at the material. Reviewing what they've learned during the semester in an organized and compact way gives students a more profound and cohesive picture of the subject matter. And, of course, the reviews help bolster semester grades.

Class Videos — Here's what my classes look like in action.

Tutor Traits

Opinions vary, but here's my take on what top-notch math and science tutors bring to the table. They are professional, prepared, persuasive and fun! In addition, such tutors need to:

    Be subject matter experts, having taken "majors" courses in college
    Know the specific high school text the student is using
    Understand how the teacher is going to slice and dice the material
    Provide supplemental notes and practice tests to augment the text
    Establish rapport with students to make learning interesting and fun
    Communicate concepts and problem-solving strategies with sincerity and clarity
    Address concerns of parents in a timely and professional manner